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  • Super smoothie shop (5-10s)
  • How we use money (5-8s)
  • Save our pennies, save our planet (8-12s)
  • Fraud scene investigators (8-12s)
  • It’s party time! (8-12s)
  • Fraud scene investigators (12-16s)
  • Make a difference (12-16s)
  • A mobile plan (12-16s)
  • Financial Foundations 1: Budget like a boss (16-18s)
  • Financial Foundations 2: Money & mental health (16-18s)
  • Financial Foundations 3: Planning for the future (16-18s)
  • Change today, save tomorrow (16-18s)
  • Designing a crowdfunded project (16-18s)

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What are MoneySense workshops?

MoneySense workshops provide bank employees with volunteering opportunities that can make a difference in the community, while schools benefit from the real-life experience and expertise that volunteers can bring to young people’s learning in the classroom. Watch our workshops video below or read our FAQs to find out more.



97% of teachers think the involvement of business can improve their delivery of financial education.

Volunteer and teacher post-workshop surveys (2017)

Children and a bank employee volunteer at a MoneySense workshop


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The MoneySense programme has already reached 270,000 students across Ireland. To get involved in a MoneySense workshop and access our free classroom resources, register now and we’ll help you with the rest.

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