Teacher helping primary students in the classroom. They are sat at a table working together on an iPad
MoneySense resource planner for 5-8's

Resource planner 5-8 years

Designed for early learners, this financial education resource planner features MoneySense resources and games to introduce basic financial literacy concepts.

Age: 5-8


MoneySense resource planner for 8-12's

Resource planner 8-12 years

This planner consolidates curriculum-linked resources with interactive and engaging activities to teach accessible financial education for this age group.

Age: 8-12


MoneySense resource planner for 12-16's

Resource planner 12-16 years

This planner is designed to help prepare and deliver impactful lessons that dive deeper into financial literacy concepts via interactive resources, games and videos.

Age: 12-16


MoneySense resource planner for 16-18's

Resource planner 16-18 years

Tailored for 16-18s, this planning aid enables the delivery of impactful lessons on financial literacy, responding to the unique needs and interests of older students.

Age: 16-18


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