What is MoneySense?

MoneySense is an impartial financial education programme that uses real-life experiences to help young people develop good money habits.

Money activities for parents and young people

Try these fun ideas and games - the age groups are just a guide so go ahead and explore...

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Games Robot Restaurant
  • Age: 5-8

Can you stick within your budget and order a meal in this restaurant for robots?

Activities Rainy days in
  • Age: 5-8

Loads of fun money-related things to do with your child when you're stuck at home.

Posters Savings tracker
  • Age: 5-8

Help your child keep track of their savings with this poster they can fill in.

Interactives Keep Helen's money safe
  • Age: 5-8

Help Helen make good choices and keep her money safe as she saves for a new bike.

Launch Parental guidance

Visit the students' section for more

Here you'll find additional games, videos and interactives for young people to explore independently.

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MoneySense also has a wide range of classroom resources. If your child's school isn't already using MoneySense, tell a teacher about it today!

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How it works

MoneySense provides an extensive range of interactive resources that can be delivered by teachers in class, as well as activities that young people can use independently at home.

“Relating financial education to real-life situations makes it far more effective for young people”

Personal Finance Education Group (pfeg)

The benefits

MoneySense has already helped millions of young people understand how money works. It's used to support financial education in thousands of UK and ROI schools.

Builds confidence

MoneySense is designed to give young people the confidence they need to manage their money responsibly and effectively.

Equips children for adult life

A good financial education is one of the most important skills needed to to equip young people for success in adult life.

Improves employability

MoneySense can provide young people with skills that employers value in the workplace such as planning & organisation and money management.